What We Do


Wide Range of Carrier and Toshiba Air Conditioning Products:

  • Advanced Technology Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF AC).
  • Ducted and Packaged Units.
  • Cassette and Tower Units.
  • Star Rated Window and Hi-Wall Split Units.
  • Inverter Type single Split Units.
  • High Value Exchange Offer

Air Distribution Work:

  • Round, Rectangular and Spiral GI Ducting Work (SMACNA Standard).
  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Work.
  • Linear and Curved Grill, Diffusers and Dampers (VCD).
  • Jet Nozzles and Slot Diffusers.

Annual Maintenance Contracts:

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts (CMC-All Inclusive).
  • Service Maintenance Contracts (Only Labour).
  • Chargeable Repair and General Maintenance.
  • Energy Audits.

Chilled Water Low Side Projects:

  • Customized Air Handling Units.
  • Variable Air Volume Control Dampers (VAB Boxes)
  • Variable Frequency Drive Electrical Panel (Auto/Manual)
  • Fire Dampers ( Motorised/Fusable Linkages Type)
  • MS Chilled Water Piping and Insulation.

Ventilation Projects:

  • Basement/Car Parking Lot Ventilation.
  • Commercial Kitchen Ventilation.
  • Staircase and Lift Well Pressurization.
  • Toilet Ventilation.
  • Air Washers and Humidification Systems.

Our USP: 

  • Highly Qualified Engineers well versed with all the products.
  • Just one phone call away from our customers.
  • We value time and wealth of our customers.
  • We follow Customers Feedback Process.

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